A unique location
for important events

Meeting. Offer to your employees, your collaborators and customers the most authentic Tuscany experience, in a place with a unique style and charm.

Important days. When a day is special it deserves to be spent in a special place, such as the exclusive atmosphere of Villa Zelma.

Elegant and stately rooms and the large terraces that offers a breathtaking view on the hills, are waiting you, for an aperitif, a lunch or dinner listening to the mysterious sounds of lush nature, after a relaxing dip in the pool.




The Restaurant and the Villa is reopening on June 11, 2020, a month later than the indications given by the law.

This time was taken to develop and instore several additional safety guarantees than those provided by the legislation..

Read in detail the measures we have taken to stay in total and absolute safety and tranquillity


our security measures